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12 October 2014

"Chris - it's amazing!!! Milo looks so cool. I can't believe how brilliant you are. I haven't chosen a prime spot yet, but I can't stop looking at him!"


09 August 2013

"'Titus' arrived today. It is a truly wonderful drawing befitting the iconic 'Gorilla King'. How anyone can capture his magnificent face with such detail and expression on paper, with merely a pencil, is totally beyond me. I have quite a few wildlife art prints by renowned artists and 'Titus' is one of my absolute favourites. It will be forever loved and cherished. Many thanks Chris."


05 April 2013

"I was recently given one of Chris Wright's prints that I fell in love with at an exhibition. The quality of the frame and print are gorgeous. I cried on receipt, of course - as it was just the most wonderful and unexpected surprise. My monkeys are the first thing you see when you enter the flat and they make me smile every time I pass them. Thanks, Chris, for this delightful drawing."


08 October 2012

"I absolutely and completely love Poppy!! You have done the most amazing job and everyone who's seen it, in person or the photo I have on my phone, think it is fantastic. Thank you so much - it really is a work of art! Thrilled."


09 September 2012

"I am thrilled with your picture of Bobby. You have captured his imperious look and every wispy bit of his fur. It must have taken you weeks to complete it. I am completely amazed by your work and very honoured to own it."


08 April 2012

"The picture of Percy was a big success. Thank you so much for creating something so special that we will always treasure."


06 February 2012

"I'm absolutely delighted with your drawing of Lulu. You really have "captured" her and this will be a much cherished addition that we will enjoy every day"


26 September 2011

"Just received my limited edition prints and they truly are exquisite. The detail is amazing and I can't wait to get them up on the wall. For anyone looking for a beautiful piece of wildlife art, this is the place to look first."


09 January 2011

"It is impossible to write objectively about something you love so much! Thank you for providing the best surprise Christmas present I have ever received. I shall treasure it for the rest of my life."


27 December 2010

"Chris Wright's immense technical skill is only a tiny fraction of why I love his work so much. His drawings go beyond mere accuracy by managing to capture the same life and character of the animals themselves. The commission he completed for me is a truly remarkable achievement from a truly remarkable artist."


04 November 2010

"I love your drawing of Lucy. You've captured her sweet nature in the expression and even the velvety softness of her ears! No idea how you do that...I'd got high expectations having seen your portfolio but you still managed to exceed them. I'm quite overwhelmed with the quality of your work."

Prasad Natarajan

31 July 2010

"These are some of most beautiful wildlife works I have ever seen - very inspiring for young artists like me"

Christine Le Roux

06 June 2010

"Mind blowing - amazingly good!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that these are sketches - they look like photographs!!!!"

Virginia McKenna OBE

17 January 2010

"I am the fortunate owner of one of Chris Wright's pictures, and each time I look at it I discover more detail to admire. The subtlety of his pencil strokes, the sensitivity to the nature of his 'subject', the atmosphere of the setting, are all perfectly achieved."

Ian Redmond, OBE – Primatologist

15 September 2009

"It seems strange that a few pencil lines on a piece of paper can sometimes say more than the millions of pixels in a colour photograph, but if Chris Wright was holding the pencil, they do. There is something about the way an artist interacts with reality that brings out something more, and this beautiful drawing captures the very essence of Titus, a splendid silverback mountain gorilla I have known since he was two. I don't know how Chris does it, but as well as portraying the impressive strength of character in this old silverback's face, there is a vulnerability about the eyes which seems to seek our help. How apt, then, that Chris is donating 60 per cent of the profits from sales of this print to help gorilla projects, half through the Born Free Foundation and half through projects selected by the UN Year of the Gorilla. How can you resist? Indulge yourself and hang my old friend on your wall and in so doing, help all gorillas have a future."


11 August 2008

"I wanted to thank you for drawing such a fantastic picture of Samba for my mother. What an amazing likeness - you really captured her personality! She is admired by everyone who sees her hanging on the wall."


08 April 2008

"So far, I have two of Chris' original drawings on my wall: One is of African elephants slow-marching and one is of a Norfolk barn owl. Chris' tenderly detailed yet unsentimental portrayals render their images a constant delight to me and a never-ending source of comment to new and returning visitors to my home. I am proud to own them."


18 August 2006

"I wanted to express my appreciation of the marvellous drawing you made of George...commissioned for my Birthday. You managed to catch so many of his features that the likeness is uncanny. Thank you so much."

Jean and Peter

11 January 2006

"We felt you would be pleased to hear how thrilled our son and his family were with your wonderful drawing of Mungo. They could not believe how you managed to capture the character, even the wet nose, just from a photograph."


10 January 2005

"Our elephants are caught beautifully - many thanks for producing such a wonderful drawing."


15 October 2004

"From a distance I thought they were black and white photos..."

R S Chambers

06 September 2004

"You have truly captured the majesty of these wonderful creatures..."


21 August 2004

"Your drawings are an inspiration..."


19 August 2004

"Absolutely stunning pictures!"